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Corpos de dois adolescentes jazem no chão de um abrigo 2

More Jews were killed on October 7th, 2023, than on any other single day since the Holocaust. Beginning early that morning, thousands of Hamas terrorists infiltrated Israeli communities and neighborhoods near the Gaza Strip, savagely murdering, raping, and kidnapping innocent babies, children, elderly, and entire families. Parents witnessed the murder of their children, while children witnessed the murder of their parents. In some cases, children who witnessed their parents’ murders were also violently kidnapped to Gaza.

Terrorists burned people and pets alive, looted homes, set homes and neighborhoods on fire, kidnapped civilians and civilian bodies, and carried out other crimes against humanity all while taking videos and posting them on social media and other communication platforms. One of the Hamas terrorists even called his parents from one of the victim’s phones to proudly tell them that he butchered 10 Jews, including the woman whose phone he took and her husband.

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